Disabling images in Python Markdown

Here’s a quick snippet that shows how to disable images (or any extension) in Python Markdown:

import markdown

class MyMarkdownExtension(markdown.Extension):

	def extendMarkdown(self, md, md_globals):
		del md.inlinePatterns['image_link']
		del md.inlinePatterns['image_reference']

my_markdown_extension = MyMarkdownExtension()

raw_text = 'This is a test image: ![Google Logo](http://www.google.com/images/logos/ps_logo2a_cp.png)'

print markdown.markdown(raw_text, [my_markdown_extension], safe_mode = 'escape')

Some processing is disabled through md.parser.blockprocessors instead.

Here are the options for each:




5 thoughts on “Disabling images in Python Markdown

  1. Just a little remark:
    On python-markdown 2.0.3 you should create Markdown object to pass your own extension.

    md = markdown.Markdown(extensions=[my_markdown_extension], safe_mode='escape')
    print md.convert(raw_text)

  2. Thank you very muxh, it was useful. But I would like to disable more tags of markdown.
    I want a version extended and another one minified.
    The extended would be the normal markdown, but in the minified I don’t want to let code, hr, lists, quote, paragraphs.. you know how to disable them? It would be really useful. Please help.

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